Assessment Resources

A quick note about Quality Self-Assessment:

Program quality assessment and improvement continue to be central themes in the afterschool and youth development fields.  A Quality Self-Assessment Tool can appear overwhelming but it is called a “tool” because it is meant to help your organization grow. The benefits of self-assessment are many and include:


                      •Identifying and understanding what supports or hinders top performance of your program;

                      •Identifying areas of need that can help drive decisions and programming;
                      •What actions to implement positive change;
                      •Assisting programs to continue to grow, learn and improve; and
                      •Creating a positive impact for staff, youth, families and community partners.

A clear vision of quality standards and ongoing program assessment are vital to building effective and sustainable afterschool programs. Improving afterschool program quality begins with a commitment to quality and by examining your program with a critical eye. A quality program is one that is reflective, willing to improve, change and grow, and believes in successful outcomes for its participants. Improving quality in your program is an ongoing process; self-assessment provides an opportunity for programs to identify the strengths and areas in need of improvement in their program without the pressure of external monitoring and evaluation.


Below you will find information about quality self-assessment as it relates to the field of afterschool, then links to actual self-assessments broken down by topic. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about using self-assessments in your program; you can email us at:

Self-Assessment Tools:

The tools below are provided to support your work in ensuring a high quality program for children, youth, and families in your program.  These tools are cost-free.  There are numerous other comprehensive and excellent tools that are available for a fee.  For more information on these fee-based tools, please contact Lynn Stanley, Network Lead at:

Overall Program Quality Self-Assessments

Summer Learning Self-Assessments

Family Engagement

NYSAN provides an assessment of Parent, Family and Community Partnerships.

Strengthening Families

•At its heart, Strengthening Families is about changing how service providers interact with families to               support them in building protective factors. The Center for the Study of Social Policy provides a number         of tools to help service providers strengthen families.

Healthy Eating & Physical Activity (HEPA)

•UMass Boston, in conjunction with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, created 2 tools – the A+   Assessment for Healthy Eating and the A+ Assessment for Physical Activity. The A+ Assessments have been     widely utilized in NH through the CATCH Kids Club programs and the Foundation for Healthy Communities. •The UNH Cooperative Extension's Healthy Schools initiative offers several School Wellness Policy Tools,           including an After-School Policy Review and Environment Assessment Tool. For questions or more                     information about the afterschool tool you can email Wellness Coordinator Sarah Oberle at:                  

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•The The Center for Global Education at Asia Society provides a self-assessment tool that will be best utilized when you can engage a facilitator for assistance.

•The New York State Afterschool Network (NYSAN) has developed a comprehensive system of program self-       assessment.  On the NYSAN website you can find the Program Quality Tool and detailed instructions..      


•The Indiana Afterschool Network (IAN) has created a system of standards and speciality standards. The     Indiana Standards, the Top Ten Quality Standards, along with other self-assessment tools, were developed       based on IAN’s value of “We believe in better outcomes for out-of-school programs and kids.”         


•The Connecticut After School Network provides several self-assessments on its website, including its own     self-assessment tool.

•The Indiana Afterschool Network provides a tool to assess your program’s strength in Summer Learning..

Summer Learning Begins in September is a planning tool from the National Summer Learning Association.

•The California AfterSchool Network and the California STEM Learning Network have created the STEM   Readiness and Needs Assessment, as well as the STEM Program Planning Tool.


•The STEM Standards and Assessment can be found on the Indiana Afterschool Network website under     Speciality Standards.

Global Learning Self-Assessments

STEM Self -Assessments

American Institutes for Research's self-reflection tool is designed to help afterschool program staff reflect upon their own social and emotional competencies and their ability to support young people's SEL through program practices.

This tool from You for Youth provides tips on how to reach out to families.