S.T.E.M. Resources

STEAM Ahead NH is a collaboration between NH colleges & Universities, the business community and Manchester school district.

Kids Afterschool is a project of the Bostion Children's Museum full of great STEM resources for students of all ages.

UNH Cooperative Extension offers training and curriculum related to STEM programming in the afterschool field.

TASC  has a guide book for afterschool program leaders  on how to design and run great science programs in an afterschool setting.

The Exploratorium After School has fantastic science resources for afterschool educators, including many hands-on activity ideas.

The AAAS Science Net Links gives you clear outlines for great science related activities to do with your students.

Common Sense Media specializes in media and technology resources for educators and students.

Scratch is a great place for kids (and adults!) to explore  creating animations using a very simplified version of writing code.

Code.org has a section of their website dedicated to educators full of curriculum and professional development resources.

Makey Makey is a fantastic project by MIT that sends out "invention kits for the 21st century" that anyone can use to invent new things out of ordinary objects.

Engineering is Elementary created Engineering Adventures, a free curriculum for students in grades 3-5 in out-of-school time programs.

FIRST Robotics program, (started in Manchester!) looks to inspire and educate young people in STEM fields. 

The SEDL's afterschool training toolkit has a great section for math lesson planning and math games/activities to  get students excited about math!

The Afterschool Exchange has activities and tips for a variety of subjects, specifically science and math resources for afterschool educators.

Cool Math for Kids is a great site with math resources for students of all ages, including resources for educators.

Telling the STEM Chapter of the Education Core Story - how to talk with your community stakeholders about STEM & afterschool.

Media Power Youth works within communities to empower youth to lead

healthy, safe lives through smart use of media.

CodeCombat offers free core

levels of web-based games that

teach the fundamentals of coding.

Teaching Tolerance's "Stand Up for STEM" is a NEW, fun, hands-on

STEM lesson series

for grades 3-5!

Click2Science is a professional development site for those working in out-of-school time STEM programs, serving children and youth.

Teen Science Café out-of-

school programs are a free,

fun way for teens to explore the big advances in science and technology affecting their lives.

Code Monster gets kids excited about programming. It is a combination of a game and

tutorial where kids experiment

with learning to code.

Ever wondered what a polar vortex is? To learn more about weather, check out SciJinks!

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