All members of the Leadership Team sit on one of our subcommittees.

Our current subcommittees and their descriptions are below.

Communication & Outreach:
This subcommittee focuses on developing and communicating messages that emphasize the value and potential of high-quality afterschool programs and recommends ways stakeholders can act upon that knowledge. The subcommittee will share this knowledge via media outlets.

Program Quality:
The Program Quality Subcommittee (PQS) works to develop an accessible and sustainable afterschool professional development system and to provide ongoing resources to enhance program quality.

This work includes: Revising and monitoring the NH Professional Development Afterschool Credential; Supporting curriculum development; Identifying program self assessment tools; Monitoring data

collection, analyzing data, and sharing results.

Governance & Membership:
The Governance and Membership Committee works to assure that the NHAN maintains a well-defined, efficient governing structure with clear by-laws, policies, and procedures consistent with the mission of the New Hampshire Afterschool Network. The committee strengthens relationships with programs through membership benefits.  Lastly, the committee focuses on the sustainability of NHAN.  The tasks of the committee include recruiting a broadly representative Leadership Team that is aligned with the requirements of the bylaws; maintaining continued enthusiasm, engagement, and commitment to the continuous improvement of NHAN; achieving the desired impact and outcomes as outlined in NHAN’s goals; cultivating partnerships that support the mission and goals of NHAN; defining membership benefits and responding to program needs; and recommending potential revenue streams.